Anonymous: Nup. Don't delete it. Ya silly gal.

I’m not deleting it im just not gonna use it

thats all folks

I honestly don’t know how I can work today I’m physically and emotionally exhausted beyond the brink

I’m gonna save for a trip somewhere in australia for a few weeks at the end of the year
Where though? I’m looking at Victoria, new south Wales or Queensland

Ugh so many nice places

Chicken Kiev is epic

I got a compliment from some of the members they said I’m doing a really good job I got all embarrassed and blushed and can’t stop smiling

Sixth day in a row I’m working

Dis is bullshittus

I’m still tired from yesterday
Please noone go to the pub tonight so I don’t have to pick up glasses and i can sit in the fridge and contemplate life decisions or some shit

im still exhausted from beating all the other sperms